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al fresco
(outdoor dining)


317 S. Third Street, Geneva
(630) 262-1317

  • This patio is picturesque and defines what the tai-city vibe is all about. A beautiful outdoor bar, loads of sunny and shaded seating, and live music makes this THE PLACE to be on a beautiful day!



513 S. Third Street, Geneva
(630) 208-1588

  • Newly renovated, the outdoor gathering area and bar are a fun little secret kept by tai-city locals (until now). Live music and entertainment every week.


Bien Trucha

410 W. State Street, Geneva
(630) 232-2665

  • When you drive past this restaurant on any given day (except Mondays), you will see how desirable a seat here is. The outdoor patio is nestled between the two Bien locations (one for walk-ins, one for reservations).


Old Towne Pub & Grill

201 W. State Street, Geneva
(630) 232-7962

  • Typical pub/grill food, but the upper level deck is a relaxing little spot. Seating is limited, but the ambiance is great, especially in the evening.



306 W. State Street, Geneva
(630) 208-7070

  • Amazingly flavorful foods AND a microbrewery?! Stockholm’s offers something for everyone and has the best Bloody Mary in town! Every month, they offer a Beer Dinner. Interested in what that is? Click the link to “Explore More”.


Livia Italian Eatery

207 S.  Third Street, Geneva
(630) 402-6444

  • This patio, found RIGHT on Third Street, is a hot commodity on beautiful days, so get there ASAP!


gia mia pizza bar

13 N. Third Street, Geneva
(630) 405-5544

  • Located in the rear of the restaurant, this is a quaint spot that offers occasional live music. 



201 S. Third Street, Geneva
(630) 232-0212

  • With a multi-level patio facing Third Street in historic Downtown Geneva, there are plenty of seats available.  Live music throughout the week and daily food and drink specials!


The Spotted Fox Ale House

3615 E. Main Street, St. Charles
(630) 584-2239

  • Outdoor patio with pond views... and Bags Boards available!

St. Charles

The Filling Station

300 Main Street, St. Charles
(630) 584-4414

  • Classic pub/grill food but The Filling Station also has an excellent patio that is almost always crowded.

St. Charles

Alley 64

212 Main Street, St. Charles
(630) 513-6464

  • This outside bar is open YEAR-ROUND because it can be enclosed and fully heated.

St. Charles

The Office

201 E. Main Street, St. Charles
(630) 549-0287

  • Seating around the outdoor bar along with several tables on this stone patio make this a quaint little spot right on Main Street.

St. Charles

Eden on the River

1 Illinois Street, St. Charles
(630) 945-3332

  • One of the few restaurants in the tri-cities with a large patio RIGHT. ON. THE FOX! Bonus that it's Mediterranean food (again, one of the only Mediterranean restaurants in the tri-cities).

St. Charles


12 N. River Street, Batavia
(630) 46-9200

  • Classic pub/grill food on River Street in downtown Batavia with two outdoor levels of dining.


Gammon Coach House

7 S Batavia Ave, Batavia, IL 

(630) 482-3663

  • Pub food with a parking lot patio facing Batavia Ave. and Wilson Street!


Oak + SWINE and Wilson Street Tavern

105 E Wilson St, Batavia, IL 

(630) 482-3200

  • Both of these restaurants have a shared beer garden/patio right on Wilson Street! Wilson Street Tavern features standard pub and bar fare while Oak + Swine specializes in smoked meats and BBQ!


Snowy Night

We do the legwork so you can spend less time SEARCHING and more time DOING.

A LOCAL'S GUIDE to St. Charles, Geneva, and Batavia, Illinois

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