fox river row studio

141 S. First Street, St. Charles (inside FIT St. Charles)
(630) 248-3855

  • High-energy, low-impact cardio workout

  • 85% of the body’s muscles engaged during a row workout

  • Combines cardio, strength and endurance for maximum calorie burn

Something Different

Pure Barre

500 S. Third Street, Suite 123, Geneva

(630) 524-8448

  • Low-impact full body workout for both men AND women

  • Utilizes the ballet barre to perform small isometric movements

  • FOR NEW CLIENTS ONLY: Free Foundations Class!

Something Different


3 Locations in St. Charles, 1 Location in Geneva
Phone Number: (847) 502-5230

  • Offers group exercise classes focusing on prenatal, postnatal, and beyond!

  • Several stroller classes available, allowing you to bring your child to your workouts!

Something Different

ProForce Performance Training

CrossFit & Group Training

FIT ST. Charles

141 S. First Street, St. Charles

(630) 402-0554

CrossFit & Group Training

Peak Fitness

207 S. Third Street, Geneva
(630) 253-1434

CrossFit & Group Training


CrossFit & Group Training

Flatlander Fitness

CrossFit & Group Training

Elite Sports Training center

CrossFit & Group Training

H4 Training

CrossFit & Group Training

Thrive Fitness Club

3820 Ohio Avenue Suite 10, St. Charles
(331) 276-2551

CrossFit & Group Training

synergy strength training

731 N. 17th Street, Suite 5, St. Charles
(630) 708-0055

CrossFit & Group Training

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A LOCAL'S GUIDE to St. Charles, Geneva, and Batavia, Illinois

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