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TOP TEN highly recommended


in the west + far west suburbs of Chicago

These recommendations come from REAL Families on the Fox users and members of the FOTF group, Foxy Mamas. 

None of the recommendations you are about to read were paid for or influenced in any way, nor are they listed in any particular order other than being sorted by town.

Without further adieu, here are the TOP TEN HIGHLY RECOMMENDED PEDIATRICIANS in the west + far west suburbs...

Dr. Sarah Smith, MD

Advocate Dreyer | 3310 W Main Street #200, St. Charles, IL | (630) 897-6044


Laura F. | "She is patient, never makes you feel like you're asking a dumb question, takes the time to listen to your concerns, and has an excellent bedside manner. She is also very calming and interactive with my kids."

Stephanie D. | "There are always walk-in sick hours in the morning, which can be really important for little ones. Also, she doesn’t freak me out about anything, which is important for me! She’s calm, normal. 

Mandy P. | "Dr. Smith is so great with the kids and really takes the time to listen. I also am a huge fan of their walk -n clinic in the morning. Another advantage is they have an amazing OB/GYN office right there and I go back to back annuals with the kids making it just a bit easier on me."

St. Charles

Dr. Erin Schutte, MD

Northwestern Medicine | 2900 Foxfield Road Suite 200, St. Charles, IL | (630) 797-4255


Jackie N. | "Dr. Schutte responds back to online questions, personally, within ONE day. Her whole team is amazing. So much so that when my daughter ended up with a virus that sent her to the PICU at CDH all of the nurses said they also take their kids to Dr. Schutte! She is so amazing from medical to sleep questions!"

Lisa M. | "She also ALWAYS [asks permission when she has to check their privates and explains that no one else should look or touch that area without their permission]. I REALLY appreciate that."

St. Charles

Dr. Nicholas Tapas, MD

Northwestern Medicine | 2900 Foxfield Road Suite 200, St. Charles, IL | (630) 797-4255


Jodi S. | "Dr. Tapas and his team never run behind. They always see patients for emergencies and are all incredibly caring and knowledgeable. And it's not just the doctors; the entire team from front desk to nurses are amazing."

Jackie N. | "We usually see Dr. Schutte, who is in the same office as Dr. Tapas. [We had to see] Dr. Tapas when my daughter was sick and needed to be seen same day. We ended up in the PICU with my daughter when she was 3 months old and all the nurses [at the hospital] said they go to Dr. Schutte's office because they are so attentive and are open to hearing your concerns."

Melissa Z. | "My son was born with a brain abnormality. TDr. apas is very thorough, and without hesitation had us set up with Luries Children's Hospital. We have had a thorough evaluation since with at least 8 specialists to get an exact and current diagnosis. "

St. Charles

Dr. Jenny Tan, MD

DuPage Medical Group | 3755 E Main Street Suite 190, St. Charles, IL | (630) 348-3100


Karie F. | "We love Dr. Jenny Tan and the other two doctors in the practice (Dr. Christine Rejdukowsi, and Dr. Nayyara Hameeduddin). We primarily see Dr Tan and while she always runs behind, she always listens. I never feel like any question is left unanswered or dismissed as insignificant. She explains things well and explains things to the kids. The other two also listen very well and run much more on time." 

Sarah M. | "Not only is Dr. Tan thorough in office, but she actually listens and trusts parents observations. She never feels dismissive. She also has incredible follow through. When my son was hospitalized in November, she personally called me to check in on him every day. Worth the wait."

St. Charles

Dr. Chris Rejdukowski, MD

DuPage Medical Group | 3755 E Main Street Suite 190, St. Charles, IL | (630) 348-3100


Lauren R. | "Dr. Chris is the most through doctor I've ever met. I wish she could be my PCP! We never feel rushed and she really listens to me. There are two other docs in the practice who are also good."

Lexi K. | "We see Dr. Chris in this practice and have felt nothing but listened to and confident with next steps after each appointment. Always able to get a hold of them in an emergency."

Tina B. | "Dr. Chris is so patient with the kids (and my questions). Very kind and informed."

St. Charles

Dr. diane nielsen, MD

New Beginnings Pediatrics | 2800 Keslinger Road Suite 160, Geneva, IL | (630) 232-7200


Rosanne W. | "Dr. Nielsen was really great with me as a first time mom.We have some family history of pediatric issues and she listened to our concerns and made recommendations. Their office is really close to Delnor Hospital and Randall Road, so super convenient."

Jen W. | "Not only is Dr. Nielsen super knowledgeable, but she takes the time to really get to know us and our children, and genuinely cares. She was so helpful when our son was in the NICU, and has always gone above and beyond, looking deeper into any issues our kids are having and taking us seriously."

Jes L. | "We were having a lot of behavioral issues with my younger son and Dr. Nielsen was very thorough and asked a lot of questions. He was diagnosed with ADHD and she has been very patient with figuring out his meds and therapies. She is also amazing with my older son who is autistic and has helped me get all of his therapies set up."


Dr. Jeffrey Sroka, MD

Dreyer Medical Clinic | 2500 W Fabyan Parkway, Batavia, IL | (630) 879-2110


Jennifer R. | "Dr. Sroka is patient with the kids, asks them great questions, thorough with examinations, and really listens to all questions and concerns."

Jane C. | "Dr. Sroka is patient, thorough, and takes his time with us. He has provided guidance when our daughter needed some additional consultation and eventual ADHD diagnosis, which has helped her tremendously in school. I appreciate his gentle approach, and the kids naturally gravitate to him without feeling scared of the doctor."

Katie D. | "Dr. Sroka has such a calm demeanor which helps a ton with anxious kiddos. He does a great job in talking to the child and engaging in conversation while letting the child lead."

Lynsey R. | "He is so kind and gentle, that's why our daughter isn’t afraid of him at all. Being a first time mom, he never made me feel less than for all of the questions I had about my baby. He’s very thorough and will sit and take his time talking to you, which is also why you may wait a while to see him."


Dr. Linda Widmer, MD

Northwestern Medicine Regional Medical Group | 1049 E Wilson Street Suite 160B, Batavia, IL | (630) 232-2776


Amanda H. | "Dr. Widmer is so gentle and kind. Her entire office is friendly and helpful. Dr. Widmer also listens to the parents concerns and addresses them, giving the parents options. This is huge for us! She takes her time to work with us on whatever we need."

Katie A. | "Dr. Widmer has always been patient, kind, and thorough, addressing all of our questions thoughtfully, and taking the time to get to know our kids. You can tell that she’s passionate about caring for children, and stays up to date on current research while also offering parents options."

Dana M. | " If you want a doctor who will listen to your questions and thoroughly answer them without hurrying you out Dr. Widmer is the one!"


Dr. daniel schulman, MD

Northwestern Medicine Regional Medical Group | 414 Division Drive, Sugar Grove, IL | (630) 315-1010


Kimber M. | "My three boys have been going to Dr. Daniel Schulman since birth and they are now 15,16 and 19. I love him because he is laid back. He also talks directly to my kids not me since a very young age. I like that he engages with them so they are reassured who the patient is. I also like that when we have encountered a health concern, he is very direct, talks to you like a person not a doctor and he always says, 'If this were my son, this is what I would do.'"

Meg P. | "My boys feel very comfortable with Dr. Schulman and everyone in the office. I’ve never had an issue where I feel like my concerns weren’t heard/taken seriously. I also love the mix of Dr/parent advice."

Emily E. | "I’ve been taking my girls to him for four years. We considered somewhere closer but I just can’t leave him. He has never steered me wrong with any advice. He is laid-back, practical, and so knowledgeable. I also love the way he built a rapport with the children."

sugar grove

Dr. Annie Emmick, MD

Northwestern Medicine Regional Medical Group | 472 Briargate Drive Suite 107, South Elgin, IL | (630) 315-1600


Justine G. | "Dr. Emmick has been both of my kids pediatricians for eight years. She’s very knowledgable and wonderful with both of my kids. She’s patient, she listens to concerns, she advocates for the kids, and she was super helpful through my breastfeeding journey."

Jennifer A. | "As a mom of four, she "gets" it. She is knowledgeable and really listens to concerns, trusting mama's intuitions and the differences in personality and medical history of each child. Her guidance has been invaluable over the years!"

Michelle B. | "Dr. Emmick goes above and beyond for her patients and their families. Examples include (1) giving me her cell phone number because my son was born a few days before Christmas and she wanted to be sure I could reach her, if needed; (2) she sat with me for an extra 20 minutes after my first child’s first visit answering all of my questions and helping a new sleep-deprived, hormonal mom."

South Elgin

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