• Chrissy Somers

52 EASY Dates in the Tri-Cities

Written by Chrissy Somers | Owner, Families on the Fox

  1. Play a round of disc golf at Wheeler Park in Geneva or Campton Hills Disc Golf Course.

  2. Binge watch a TV series you’ve never seen.

  3. Go to Riverside Pizza in St. Charles and order a pizza with a topping you’ve never had before (their pizza is second to none).

  4. Have an electronics-free night (no cheating).

  5. Write down five things you love about each other… but be SPECIFIC!

  6. Mini road trip! Go somewhere within three hours of home (Check out our DAY TRIPS articles under the FAMILY GUIDE page for some ideas).

  7. YouTube origami and see who can do it better.

  8. Play 21 Questions (I have a list of Questions under the MORNING COFFEE + QUESTIONS date).

  9. Recreate your first date… even down to the outfit!

  10. One picks WHAT to do, the other picks WHERE to do it (you can take this a LOT of ways… I know).

  11. Go to Harvey’s Tales and plan your dream trip, down to the smallest detail. Think EXTRAVAGANTLY! Sit and discuss what you each want. For more bookstore date ideas, check out my