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52 EASY Dates in the Tri-Cities

Written by Chrissy Somers | Owner, Families on the Fox

  1. Play a round of disc golf at Wheeler Park in Geneva or Campton Hills Disc Golf Course.

  2. Binge watch a TV series you’ve never seen.

  3. Go to Riverside Pizza in St. Charles and order a pizza with a topping you’ve never had before (their pizza is second to none).

  4. Have an electronics-free night (no cheating).

  5. Write down five things you love about each other… but be SPECIFIC!

  6. Mini road trip! Go somewhere within three hours of home (Check out our DAY TRIPS articles under the FAMILY GUIDE page for some ideas).

  7. YouTube origami and see who can do it better.

  8. Play 21 Questions (I have a list of Questions under the MORNING COFFEE + QUESTIONS date).

  9. Recreate your first date… even down to the outfit!

  10. One picks WHAT to do, the other picks WHERE to do it (you can take this a LOT of ways… I know).

  11. Go to Harvey’s Tales and plan your dream trip, down to the smallest detail. Think EXTRAVAGANTLY! Sit and discuss what you each want. For more bookstore date ideas, check out my BOOKSTORE CHALLENGE date!

  12. Drive out to where you can REALLY see the stars and lay on your car to stargaze.

  13. Print a map and pin every place you want to go together, near or far!

  14. Play hooky. Call in sick and spend the day together (but still send the kids to daycare).

  15. Have a living room picnic. Bonus points if it’s takeout.

  16. Enjoy a full day of bike riding (check out the BIKE TRAILS Guide on our website)!

  17. Go to a local high school game.

  18. Hold hands and go for a walk.

  19. Have wine and cheese for dinner at Vintage 53.

  20. Pretend you’re on vacation in the tri-cities. Visit restaurants and shops that you haven’t been to yet! I suggest the APPS + DRINKS CRAWL date!

  21. Play truth or dare (check out the PICNICS + DARES dates for your Truth or Dare questions).

  22. Go bowling at St. Charles Bowl. Wager something good… like, REALLY good (for some betting ideas, visit my BOWLING + BETS date).

  23. Give each other foot massages using Green Envee lotions or oils.

  24. Play a rousing game of shuffleboard at Penrose Brewing, hang out, have a few beers, and see who the reigning champ is!

  25. Meet for drinks at Nobel House, River’s Edge Bar & Grill, or Flagship on the Fox and act like strangers. It’s okay to hit on each other.

  26. Pick three books for each other to read at Town House Books. Purchase one of them!

  27. Go to a restaurant you’ve never been to. Write a review together. I suggest Osteria Bigolaro in Geneva for the best pasta you’ve had in a long while!

  28. Start a two-person book club (maybe with the book you bought in #26 above). Don’t forget the wine. Grab your wine and snacks from Blue Goose Market.

  29. Take a long walk to a nearby restaurant.

  30. Take a dance lesson at LUX Dance Studio, Vargo’s Dance Studio, or Batavia Academy of Dance.

  31. Go bird watching at Hickory Knolls Discovery Center, Peck Farm Park, or Red Oak Nature Center. See who can find five different birds first.

  32. Dance night at home taking turns being the DJ.

  33. Go hear some live music at The House Pub, Vintage 53, Preservation, The Upper Club at Villa Verone, or ANY of the other bars & restaurants that have live music on our ADULT FUN page!

  34. Have a TRY-athlon. Pick three things you’ve never tried, seen, or done before.

  35. Sit at Cafe & Barr or Limestone Coffee and play a board game over coffee. Play three games and crown the champion (best out of three).

  36. Go to several local shops with a $20 budget and buy each other something/s! I suggest visiting Country Naturals, Scentcerely Yours, Six + Cypress, 715 Vintage, Salvaged Heart Vintage Wares, or Little Red Barn Door to get the most bang for your buck!

  37. Go to a favorite place in a NEW way: walk, ride a bike, grab a scooter, take a party bus…

  38. Take a hike through Starved Rock State Park and pack a lunch. Eat near one of the many waterfalls.

  39. YouTube Night! Take turns watching favorite clips.

  40. Grab burgers, onion rings, and craft cocktails from The Burger Local for dinner without counting calories.

  41. Head to Funway to play each other in a game of pool.

  42. Go through all your old photos and reminisce.

  43. Play hide-and-seek at Mt. St. Mary’s Park, Peg Bond Pavilion, or Island Park.

  44. Look through magazines and design your dream home.

  45. Do THREE Random Acts of Kindness Together. For ideas, visit the St. Charles-based organization at

  46. Create a family bucket list to accomplish in the next five years.

  47. Volunteer to walk dogs at Anderson Animal Shelter.

  48. Go to your favorite restaurant and let the server order your meal.

  49. Write down three movies each and pick one from a hat (new or rentable). Classic Cinemas at Charlestowne Mall has $5 Movies ALL DAY on Tuesdays!

  50. Build a fort. Pop popcorn. Watch a movie.

  51. Head to Johnson’s Mound to watch the sunset/sunrise (it’s one of the highest points in the area).

  52. Create an outdoor movie theater in your backyard and enjoy a movie under the stars.

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