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"Anxious People" by Fredrik Backman

Let me start by saying I am biased. Fredrik Backman is one of my favorite Authors.

His writing style always keeps you engaged; you can't miss one word or sentence because everything holds

value. His books "Beartown" and "Us Against You" are in my top 20 books.

"Anxious People" is one of

the most recent of his books and was released April 2019. It was instantly a New York Times Best Seller and was adapted into a Limited Series that was released on Netflix December of 2021.

This book is about one bad idea and such desperation that the only choice a person had was to rob a bank. When it is realized it was a cashless bank the robber runs for cover in an apartment viewing on New Years. This is where the story primarily takes place.

A group of strangers spend the day held hostage and their lives are forever changed. The main characters include two couples that are questioning their marriage. One woman who can't move on from her past. Two police officers that have very different views on how to do their job. Relationships are formed between unexpected characters; secrets are revealed and the future of lives are on the line.

The ending is amazing and something you wouldn’t expect. That’s what I like best about this book as well as other books by Backman. We get to feel as though we are present during the events of the story. We develop strong feelings for the characters and become invested in what happens.

I couldn't put down the book because I wanted to see how these relationships unfolded.

Backman's talent is being able to handle several storylines in one book without confusing and overloading the reader. I really can't come up with anything about this story that I didn’t like and recommended this book to my family and friends.

This book would be most liked by readers who love a mystery that’s not aggressive or violent. It does touch hard topics such as suicide and depression so if anyone has a sensitivity to either of those topics, this might not be the book for them. It’s a drama that has glimpses of love stories.

It's such a multi-dimensional book and covers so many topics and emotions that it appeals to a very large audience.

In closing I have to repeat just how much I liked this book. I would absolutely give it five out of five stars and I am eager to watch the series and see how they adapted the story and if I think the actors do justice for the characters.

Happy Reading and I really hope you enjoy this book as much as I did!

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