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Updated: Sep 28, 2021

  • Penrose Brewing (Geneva)

  • Art History Brewing (Geneva)

  • D & G Brewing (St. Charles)

  • Riverlands Brewing (St. Charles)

  • Pollyanna Brewing (St. Charles)

  • Alter Brewing (St. Charles)

  • 93 Octane (St. Charles)

  • Obscurity Brewing (Elburn)

  • ... and SEVERAL more breweries in and around the Tri-Cities found on our BREWERIES Page HERE...

You’ll love the chill vibe at these breweries from the moment you walk through the doors. The knowledgeable bar staff will help you guys pick beers that you are sure to love. So here’s what you need to do to enjoy this date!

***Bring a favorite game or deck of cards***

Order a flight of beers. If you’ve never been to this brewery, the staff will be a BIG HELP. If you’ve been here before and know what you like, still order a flight and try some of this brewery’s seasonal beers and something new. Your tastebuds change as you get older, so you may actually like something you once decided you weren’t a fan of! #ItsScience

Once all beers have been sampled, order a full-size of your favorite and grab your game! Before you begin playing, wager something REALLY good.

My husband and I usually bet using this sentence and fill in the blank with one of the options below: “Winner gets _____ from the loser”…

  1. A fully-planned date night within two weeks

  2. A 30-minute massage

  3. A candle-lit dinner

  4. A week off of dinner duty

  5. A week off of laundry duty

  6. A week off of kids’ bath duty

  7. A Day Trip of the winner’s choice

  8. …create your own wager!

I’m sure your beer will already be close to empty by the time you decide on a wager, so feel free to order another… and then one more. Good luck!

If you choose to complete this date, be sure to tag @StayAndPlay.TriCities so we can see all the fun you had!

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