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Dating in Batavia | BOWLING + BETS

Funway Bowling Alley

If you have a competitive spirit, it will come alive the moment you walk into Funway… so will that wild kid living deep, deep inside you!

Once you get to the Bowling Center, get your shoes rented, enter some silly names into the console on your lane, I encourage you to head to the Big ‘R’ Bar and grab a drink!

You can play a normal game of bowling (highest score wins), or you can try one of the several different games on the lane consoles like Angry Bird or Horse. Then, before you begin playing, wager something REALLY good.

My husband and I usually bet using this sentence and fill in the blank with one of the options below: “Winner gets _____ from the loser”…

  1. A fully-planned date night within two weeks

  2. A 30-minute massage

  3. A candle-lit dinner

  4. A week off of dinner duty

  5. A week off of laundry duty

  6. A week off of kids’ bath duty

  7. A Day Trip of the winner’s choice

  8. …create your own wager!

I’m sure your drink will already be close to empty by the time you decide on a wager, so feel free to order another… and then one more. Good luck!

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