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Dating in Geneva | DIY + DINNER

Updated: Sep 28, 2021

Scentcerely Yours + Osteria Bigolaro

Trying something new with your partner can not only bring you closer together, but can also bring some much needed excitement into your relationship. This date is ALL about trying new things together, from the experience to the food!


Your date starts at Scentcerely Yours, a create-your-own scent bar that specializes in soy candles, but also in custom-scented home and body products. PRO-TIP: For the purpose of this date, get a candle AND some lotion… you’ll see why in a minute.


Go through the 120+ scents TOGETHER, selecting your favorites. The Scent Consultants will then help you choose some combinations from your list for you to find your signature scent. Use this scent to create a candle and lotion.


The candle will take 90 minutes to set, so take your lotion and head to Osteria Bigolaro for drinks and several small plates, or get an entree (be sure to tell the Scent Consultants where you are headed for dinner)! Because this date is all about new experiences, allow your partner to order for you OR select something on the menu you typically wouldn’t try.


Scentcerely Yours will hand-deliver your candle to your table at Osteria Bigolaro once it is set so that you can enjoy a candle-lit dinner with your signature scent. How sweet is that?!


Once dinner is wrapped up, head home and give each other a 10-minute massage with your new signature scent lotion. You can end the date here, or…

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