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Dating in St. Charles | BLOODY MARY BAR CRAWL

Updated: Sep 29, 2021

Who doesn’t love a good Bloody Mary on Sunday mornings?! We’ve researched and tested LOADS of Bloody Mary’s around the Tri-Cities (you’re welcome) and came up with a list of the top five bars in STC that serve up a good rendition of this Sunday Funday Favorite!

Pick one bar or get your friends together and do a Bloody Mary Bar Crawl! Either way, be smart and UBER home because you’ll want to try ALL of these Bloody’s! CHEERS!

Alley 64 | 212 Main Street, St. Charles, IL | (630) 513-6464

GARNISHES: Two different Bloody Mary mixes, tomato juice, limes, lemons, celery, celery salt, pickles, olives, horseradish, cocktail sauce, Worcestershire Sauce, A1, Tabasco, Cholula, cayenne pepper hot sauce, salt, and pepper

The Office | 201 E. Main Street, St. Charles, IL | (630) 549-0287

GARNISHES: Pickles, olive, lemon, lime, celery

Main Street Pub | 204 W. Main Street, St. Charles, IL | (630) 797-587

GARNISHES: Pickle, lime, celery stalk, and bacon

Alter Brewing | 12 S. First Street, St. Charles, IL | (630) 901-5949

GARNISHES: Olives and celery salt

The Filling Station | 300 Main Street, St. Charles, IL | (630) 584-4414

GARNISHES: Celery, olives, pickle, lemon, and lime

If you try out this date, be sure to tag @StayAndPlay.TriCities in your adventures on social media!

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