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WHAT IT IS: Heard of a Progressive Dinner? This is similar... except it's adult beverages and apps selected based on a THEME. You will need FOUR host houses. The host houses will host the neighbors for 30-45 minutes before you all travel to the next host house.

The host house will provide the themed drink and a non-hosting neighbor will partner with each host house to provide an appetizer (this prevents the host houses from enduring the cost of both food and drink). The drinks can be easy or extravagant! It's up to you! The beauty in all this is there is NO DRINKING AND DRIVING! You are walking on your street! Woohoo!!!

THE THEME: The United STATES of America (drinks and food specific to a certain state). For example, if you chose Wisconsin as your state, you may serve New Glarus beer, and your non-hosting partner may choose to bring cheese curds.

WHO'S IN?!? Get a headcount for those wanting to participate. Make sure you pick the date that works best for your group! Figure out host houses after you get a headcount.

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