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Experience... SCENTCERELY YOURS in Geneva

Photographs can take you back, reliving memories that are frozen in time, displayed in those neatly organized frames on your wall. But SCENTS can do the same thing, sometimes even more vividly.

There are certain scents that can take me back to a small kitchen filled with laughter and love, my Mema singing “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer” off-key to me as we giggle and bake peanut butter cookies together before our family’s Christmas dinner. Or the specific scent that triggers a memory of that warm, summer day when all my friends were playing in my yard and I can see my younger self screaming and running through the sprinkler in sweet slow-motion. Anytime I walk by a neighbor watering their lawn, I slow down, take a deep breath in, and remember the good old days.

Scent is a powerful thing.

Creating your own signature scent is even more powerful. Scentcerely Yours can help you create new long-lasting memory through designing your own scent, or they can help you bring back a memory that reminds you of “way back when”.

Scentcerely Yours is a one-of-a-kind experience. It’s hard to call this a ‘shop’ because it is so much more than a retail location. Read on to find out what I mean…


  • COST: Prices range from mid-teens to mid-thirty dollars, depending on selected product

  • HOURS: Monday - Wednesday: 10a - 7p, Thursday - Saturday: 10a - 8p, Sunday: 11a - 5p

  • ADDRESS: 211 W. State Street, Geneva, IL 60134


Besides noticing the aroma at Scentcerely Yours, I immediately notice the aesthetics. Over 100 different scents line the white shiplap wall in neatly displayed rows. A beautiful inset featuring over 30 products and container sizes/styles/colors is highlighted at the far end of the shop. And the bar… O. M. G. THE BAR! Modern industrial farmhouse-style stools await you with a beautiful place setting, complete with a white plate, jigger, and spoon meant for mixing. 

BONUS: BYOB. Seriously. Bring. Your. Own. Bottle. What better way to relive memories and create new ones with your friends than to sip on some beer, wine, or champagne together as you travel down memory-lane?! 


A scent consultant will greet you and walk you through this unique scent-centered experience. You will get a mini clipboard and pen, and begin working your way down the candle-lined wall, browsing the scents that speak to you. You will record your favorites, perhaps starring the one or two that you MUST include in the scent you create.

Next, you will work your way to the back wall and select your product. Will you create a candle, lotion, sugar scrub, room spray, reed diffuser, fragrance oil, body mist, or wax tarts? Once the product is selected, you will choose your size and container. Regardless of your product, the process remains the same.

HELPFUL HINT: I can’t stress this enough… DON’T WRITE OFF A SCENT JUST BECAUSE OF ITS NAME. You will be very surprised by where these scents can take you. Remember that “hose-water” scent that takes you back to summertime as a child? Smell “Leather” and try to tell me you don’t go back to that EXACT moment. Go on, I dare you.


I am a repeat customer and come here over and over and over and over…

Here are the products I have made (some, multiple times) and the honest low-down on each:


  • A tall pillar soy candle in a beautiful clear glass jar with a claim of 120-hours of burn time. I am naturally a skeptic, so I can say with complete honesty that I wasn’t buying it… but I had that baby burning every single day from the moment I woke up until the moment I tucked in my last kiddo for bed. And guess what? I WAS WRONG! But so was Scentcerely Yours because my Status Jar lasted over TWO WEEKS being burned for 14 hours nearly EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. 

  • I have a Status Jar burning at the front entry table in my house and anytime someone walks in, they ask about the candle! I take it as a huge compliment because they like what my house smells like. And guys… seriously… my ENTIRE HOUSE gets filled with the scent from ONE candle. I mean, what can I say? People like my signature scent (…pats herself on the back and smirks…).


  • The base of the room spray is a carrier oil, which makes this spray safe for skin and cloth contact. You then add the mixture of oils of your signature scent to create what will become your signature room spray. Don't be fooled by the size of the bottle: the scent is strong and long-lasting. 

  • AFTER ONE WEEK OF USE:  I strategically spray this on the fabric surfaces in my house: the sofa, decorative pillows, throws, curtains, bedding, and fabric chairs. The scent hangs onto the fabric for days, so you don’t need to use the room spray every day, nor do you need a lot of it.


  • A light apricot base with brown and white sugar is mixed with the oils that you have expertly selected as your signature scent this visit (my ‘signature scent’ changes each time I visit Scentcerely Yours because I love to experiment with the seasons, my mood, the events in my life, etc.). Once mixed, a sweet little wooden scooper is attached and can serve as a guide for the amount you should be using. The more you use, the more exfoliated you get. Just sayin’. 

  • AFTER ONE WEEK OF USE: I used this three times per week as one of my last steps before getting out of the shower.  My skin NEVER felt dry because not only did the sugar scrub exfoliate me, but the oils soak in your skin and keep it feeling so soft!  HELPFUL HINT: If you are shaving your legs, use the sugar scrub AFTER so that the oils have time to soak into your skin.


  • Goat’s milk and honey create the base of the lotion. After you gently fold in the oils of your custom scent, the lotion is taken to a mixer where it is then whipped for a minute. This process changes the consistency of the product into a smooth body butter-type cream. If I weren’t sane, I may have the thought to eat it.

  • HELPFUL HINT: If you are creating multiple products for your body, they should be the same scent. Think about it. If you have a sugar scrub in one scent, then a lotion in another, and yet another in the body mist, you are going to smell like the girls’ locker room at Thompson Middle School. Be smart and be consistent. 

  • AFTER ONE WEEK OF USE: The consistency of this lotion is so creamy and delicious feeling when you put it on! I used the lotion on days that I did not use the sugar scrub. My five year-old daughter even became addicted to the “soft lotion” and put it on every morning before she got dressed! I’m going to bring her to Scentcerely Yours to make her own lotion so she doesn’t steal all of mine!


There are ENDLESS possibilities of the events you can host here, but here are just a few (all of which can involve drinking… surprise, surprise…):

Girls’ Nights

Date Nights

Birthday Parties

  • From sweet little kiddos to sweet little grandmas, ANYONE can enjoy a birthday party here!Neighborhood Holiday Parties Food can be catered in, you bring the ‘happy juice’!

Fundraising Events

  • Are you part of the PTO? A religious organization? A sports team? Scentcerely Yours can help you raise funds! Fundraisers can be done in-shop or products can be sold in advance. Susi and Rob (owners) are very flexible and will help you choose the BEST way to raise funds for your organization!

Candle + Create Events

  • Canvas + wood painting AND a candle?! HELL YES! Where do I sign up?!

Candle + Yoga Events

  • Make the candle. Do the yoga. Smell the scents.

BONUS: Do you own your own business? Is your company looking for unique promotional items with your logo? Scentcerely Yours does WHOLESALE and PRIVATE LABEL items!  Realtors... think about how a custom scented candle with your logo can be used as a closing gift or even at an open house! BRIDES (and grooms, but let's be real here: the Bride makes the decisions): How about a unique wedding favor for the wedding party or for all attending your special day!  Is there a better way to create a long-lasting, memorable gift that is a part of both of you?  I think NOT!

Was this article helpful for planning your visit to Scentcerely Yours? Is there something I missed that you think other readers need to know? I’d love to hear about it! If you go to Scentcerely Yours, shoot a message to Tell me about your experience!

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