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Experience the Tri-Cities: GOLDFISH SWIM SCHOOL

After reading article upon article about accidental drownings of children, it set in a fear so deep in me of my children being near any body of water. But in the summer, my family is ALWAYS near the water. Whether it’s at a park district pool, splash pad, on a boat, at the lake, or in the inflatable pool set up in our front yard (yes, we are those people… lawn chairs in the driveway and beer in hand). Being safe near ANY body of water, no matter the depth, is always something at the forefront of my mind, especially when I have three kids to watch, often by myself.

We are lucky enough to live in an area where there are many wonderful swimming programs offered, all of which focus on water safety. But there are several determining factors you may consider prior to choosing swim instruction to meet your child’s needs: location, price, teacher to student ratio, accommodations for children with special needs, staff knowledge, and “the vibe” to name a few.

For many of the above reasons, my family chose Goldfish Swim School in St. Charles to be our “home” in the water.

Programs & Lessons

Prior to starting our swim lessons, our big girls were comfortable in the water when they were wearing Puddle Jumpers but by no means were we as parents comfortable enough to allow them to take them off unless the water depth was less than 12 inches. I know wearing a Puddle Jumper for the rest of their lives was a poor parenting strategy because my nearly-six and four year-olds needed to be able to swim like the rest of the kiddos at the pool this coming summer.

In the first three weeks at Goldfish, I noticed a HUGE difference in my girls’ comfort in the water and ability to ACTUALLY. SWIM. I saw both of my girls swimming half the distance of the lane they were in unassisted (but closely monitored)! I was half-tempted to cheer and high five the parents around me but thought better of it and resigned to a small “YAY!” at my seat! At the end of each lesson, parents are invited in to get an update on their child’s progress and given “homework” when necessary. When we had homework, we did it in the bathtub!

Swim programs are offered several times everyday, most of which are 30 minutes long. Your FIRST LESSON IS FREE to test out if Goldfish is for you. The coaches even assess your child on that first day to determine the appropriate class placement should you choose to sign up.

Classes are offered for babies 4 months all the way up to 12 years old for a total of 13 different classes to meet each swimmer’s needs and skills. The student to teacher ratio varies based on the age and skill level of your child, but the majority of classes are capped at 4:1 and are about 30 minutes long.

Cool Features

The warmer the water, the more likely I am to swim. I mean, I’ve been known to sit in a hot tub for an unhealthy amount of time. This rule of thumb is pretty spot on for my kids too. Thank goodness Goldfish keeps the water at a comfortable 90 degrees to make sure the temperature of the water is not a deterrent for kiddos who are already uneasy about swimming. Does your kid use having to go potty as an excuse to get out of doing something? Luckily, Goldfish has a restroom inside the pool area for swimmers who have the urge! Super convenient and time-saving!

Getting ready before and after lessons is super easy too because of everything the Goldfish facility offers. I usually do lessons for my two big girls BY MYSELF with my baby in tow and I’m telling you: it’s easy! Before lessons, my girls know the drill: they strip down to their swimsuits (they come with their swimsuits already on underneath their clothes) and tuck their clothes, coats, and shoes in a cubby while I get settled in any seat with the babe. Every seat is a good seat because the entire wall is floor to ceiling windows so that you can watch your kiddo regardless of what lane they are in. There’s never an issue getting a cubby or seat and we have our lessons at a “busier” time.

After lessons, I bring my big girls to the showers in the pool area and wash them off (two-in-one shampoo/body wash is provided). Once they are cleaned off, we head out to the main area to use any one of the six blow dryers to dry off some more. There are 11 changing rooms, all with enough room for myself, two kids, and a baby in a car seat. Again, we’ve never had an issue getting into a family changing room when we needed to.

Another convenient amenity that Goldfish St. Charles offers is they have a diaper station! Seriously! They provide size 3, 4, and 5 diapers for babes after they swim! How cool is that?! I know I’m not alone in having a GIANT pet peeve with places that don’t have a changing table in the restrooms. Goldfish makes bringing a baby easy because there are four restrooms, and three of them have changing tables for those sweet babes!

Have a kiddo with special needs? Goldfish Swim School can help! They offer accommodations in group classes OR private swim lessons, whichever would make you and your kiddo more comfortable! Don’t hesitate to contact Goldfish and speak to someone regarding your child’s specific needs.

Family Swim Times

Whether you are a Goldfish Swim School Family or not, they have open swim times for EVERYONE in the community five days a week!

  • Monday - Wednesday: 12p - 1p

  • Friday: 6:30p - 8p

  • Sunday: 4p - 5:30p

This is a really inexpensive family outing! The cost is $5/swimmer OR $15/family MAX. That means a family of four or more will never pay more than $15! Family Swims are FREE for Goldfish members on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays. You can even use Family Swims to scope out the facility, interact with the staff, and get a feel for Goldfish before you commit to becoming members.


Not many birthday party facilities offer EXCLUSIVE use for birthday parties (meaning, no other parties happening at the same time), but Goldfish does! You don’t have to worry about sharing the pool or party area with any other birthday kid and their guests because when you rent out the space for a party, it’s ALL YOURS!

Parties are offered on Saturdays from 4p - 6p with the first 80 minutes in the pool and the last 40 minutes in the party area. There are lifeguards on duty to ensure the safety of every child and to guide pool activities (if you wish), but an adult must be in the pool with each child that can’t swim.

When you book your party, you get invitations, envelopes, table clothes, plates, cups, napkins, cutlery, balloons, and tropical decor. You even get cupcakes and drinks for the kids included! Pricing for a private party starts at $450 but varies depending on how many guests.

Goldfish Swim School has a lot to offer to both members and nonmembers. I strongly urge you to take advantage of Family Swim Time to scope out the facility and use your free trial class to determine if Goldfish will be a good fit for your child. My girls are probably the only humans on Earth that love Mondays because that means they get to go to Goldfish for swim lessons. We’ve loved our experience at Goldfish and have found great comfort in the fact that our girls are at ease in the water! BRING ON THE SUMMER!

If you have any questions about my experience at Goldfish Swim School in St. Charles, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me or Goldfish Swim School directly! I’d love to help you out!

Goldfish Swim School

3455 Legacy Boulevard, St. Charles

(630) 584-3474

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