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Halloween Alternatives for 2020

While Trick-or-Treating hasn't "officially" been cancelled, the CDC is saying it is a high-risk activity and many towns are cautioning their residents to reconsider going door to door for treats.

It's fair to say that the 'rona is getting close to cancelling yet another 2020 holiday, but that doesn't mean we can't still make this a fun day for our kids! If you are choosing to still Trick or Treat or not, these fun activities will make Halloween even more special... and hey, you may even start a new tradition with your crew!

See? There CAN be a silver lining to 2020!


We've Been BOOed and BOOzed

Families on the Fox created this super cute printable to spread some Halloween cheer in your neighborhoods! There are two versions: a PG-rated one for families, and one for the 21+ crowds because... well, it's been one helluva year!

We suggest merging the two ideas together! Send a "We've Been BOOzed" sign along with a package of goodies for the recipient family, but also include a couple mini bottles of wine or some cans of your favorite craft beer!

Get this FREE printable HERE!


Halloween Egg Hunt

A local mom saw a problem... The 'Rona was going to ruin another 2020 holiday, one that happens to be a favorite of her children. She wasn't going to let that happen!

She decided to merge the fun of an Easter Egg Hunt with Halloween!

Her eggs are filled with candy, trinkets + toys, or a combination of both! Order yours by clicking HERE, or click on the image at right!

FOTF DEAL: Use code BOO5OFF to get $5 off your package!


Halloween BOO Bundles

Balloon Garland Stylist Confetti Wish, cookie artist Cathy From Scratch Baking, and custom designer Kelly Lauren Designs, joined forces to create these BOO BUNDLES!

Each $60 Boo Bundle includes:

  • A personalized tote of your choice (or non-personalized)

  • 1/2 dozen chocolate and vanilla cake pops

  • A Halloween themed bitty balloon bundle that will be delivered and installed

A limited amount of orders will be taken, and additional totes/balloons/cake pops are available for an addition charge.

Email to place your order.


We hope you enjoyed these ideas! As we learn of more ideas, we will surely add them to the list! Be sure to tell these businesses that you found the idea from FOTF!

We don't get any commission, but it helps to establish FOTF's name in the community with these businesses!

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