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McCall Family Dentistry

Updated: Oct 28, 2019

Candy Buyback, Community Supporters, and a Focus on Family

Now, I don’t typically talk about dentists much because, well… I have a personal fear of the dentist thanks to my childhood experiences. In fact, when we first moved to Geneva, I went TWO YEARS without seeing a dentist because I feared them so much! Gross, I know, but I ended up learning about McCall Family Dentistry and fell in love with their practice and staff (and now visit regularly).

I met the McCall family while I was out at Home Depot actually! They had a booth set up before Halloween and were passing out toothbrushes to kiddos who would be trick or treating. We got to talking because the girls needed to go in for their cleaning… Looking back, it seems like I used my children as my guinea pigs. After chatting with the two women, who happen to be the wives of the two lead dentists, I knew this seemed like the type of office we should try. I set up an appointment once we got home for the girls to get their FIRST BIG KID CLEANING!

Tell me this isn't the look of a kiddo who is GENUINELY excited about her teeth cleaning experience! This is my oldest daughter, Peyton, at McCall Family Dentistry!

They were both super excited as we walked into McCall’s office in Geneva. As soon as we went back to the dental room, I noticed the hygienists took extra time and attention to realize they were setting up for two siblings and an anxious mama. There was a child seat and an adult seat in the room and all sorts of cool kid-friendly dentist tools. There was even a TV overhead that played the hell out of whatever Netflix show their heart desired; this kept them sitting still and less anxious about “when it would be done”. Hell, if I had seen these cool gadgets as a kid perhaps I wouldn’t have been so terrified either! The hygienists were so patient and kind with our babes! So much so, in fact, it caused our girls to want to come back the next day!

Because of how well my 1.5 and 3.5 year old handled being in the chair at McCall Family Dentistry, I decided I could do it too. Yes, that sounds awful; I had to draw courage from my toddler daughters. I scheduled my appointment with Dr. Ryan and, long story short, I no longer fear the dentist or his hygienists. You bet your bottom I explained how much I hated the dentist to the office manager before my appointment and reiterated that point moments later to the hygienist (I was #ThatGirl). Because they could see how anxious I was getting, they explained every step of the process to calm my nerves… like, EVERY. STEP. And it helped!

Dr. Ryan doing his magic on an anxious kiddo! She's busy watching her show on the TV overhead to be distracted by anything Dr. Ryan is doing!

I can credit McCall Family Dentistry for settling my childhood fear of the dentist, and I can guarantee my girls are feeling the exact opposite about the dentist because of their experience at McCalls. If you are looking to try a new dentist office or want to get your kiddos in for a cleaning, give McCall Family Dentistry a try. It’s hard not to fall in love with the sweet, patient, and knowledgeable staff!

FUN FACT: If you ask for an appointment with ‘Dr. McCall’, they will ask you, “Which one?” There are TWO Dr. McCalls because the two lead dentists are a father and son duo! Dr. Ryan is the second generation dentist in the family while Dr. McCall is the OG in the office.

There is also a FEMALE dentist on staff: Dr. Molly Hayes! This Geneva mom of three has been a FANTASTIC recent addition to the McCall Family Dentistry team!


On top of being local residents and local business owners, the McCall family and their staff participate in several great programs in the Tri-Cities. Consider participating in these programs too as they assist those that are in need.


DATE: Saturday, November 2, from 3:00p - 6:00p

LOCATION: McCall Family Dentistry | 407 Williamsburg Avenue, Geneva

DETAILS: Bring your unopened candy from Halloween and earn back $1 for each pound (maximum cash back: $5). The candy collected at Candy Buyback will be donated to OPERATION GRATITUDE and CHICAGO BLUESTAR MOTHERS, programs that ship the collected candy to our troops overseas from our area.

BONUS 1: The first 75 children that trade in their candy will ALSO receive a card redeemable for a FREE ICE CREAM or COOKIE from Chik-Fil-A in Batavia!

BONUS 2: In addition to earning $1 per pound of candy traded in AND the Chik-Fil-A sweet treat, the first 100 children that trade in their candy will ALSO receive a $5 gift certificate to Colonial Cafe!

BONUS 3: If you also bring in nonperishable food items to be donated to the Batavia Interfaith Food Pantry, you will be entered into a raffle to win some GREAT prizes! Each food item earns you a raffle entry!



DATE: Saturday, November 2, through Tuesday, November 26

LOCATION: McCall Family Dentistry | 407 Williamsburg Avenue, Geneva

DETAILS: A raffle ticket will be given for each qualified donation dropped off at McCall Family Dentistry from 11/3 to 11/26 for a chance to win a $50 Rustic Road Gift Card and a pie (McCall Family Dentistry will choose one winner on Tuesday so they will have the pie/gift card for the Thanksgiving market at Rustic Road on Wednesday).

BONUS: McCall Family Dentistry will be raffling off 30 pies from Rustic Road Farm at their booth during The Fox and The Turkey Thanksgiving Day Run (which benefits the Batavia Interfaith Food Pantry). All race participants are entered! Register for the race HERE!


I hope you learned something new about McCall Family Dentistry through reading about my experience there with my family! Don't hesitate to reach out to me with questions! Give McCall a try for your next appointment!



BY PHONE: (630) 232-9620


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