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Thanksgiving Done LOCALLY

Admittedly, things are different this year. But different can be good. While our Thanksgiving holiday plans are a little smaller and may not be what we anticipated, they are still happening. Small is cozy, after all! So if you’re “trading in” your larger plans for a more intimate gathering, have a “Thanksgiving Done Locally” and consider supporting small businesses in the area.

What Do Your Typical Traditions Look Like?

I always make the pumpkin pie, but I’ll also be making some pumpkin spice cupcakes so we can have a “grab and go” dessert as well. My point? Keep a couple of your traditions in place for the memory of it all. Cook or bake at least one dish for your family, regardless of how large (or small) the gathering is. Then support local and order the rest!

Local DINNER Options in the Fox Valley Area

Here are a few local options for those in the Fox Valley Area. Simply click on the restaurant's name, underlined below, to see their full menu! Be sure to check with your favorite local place to see what they may be offering for Thanksgiving.

In an effort to say “thank you” to the community, Daddio’s Diner is offering an affordable option for Thanksgiving with their Family Meal Thanksgiving Dinners To-Go. For only $10.95 per person, your dinner includes turkey, gravy, mashed potatoes, stuffing, veggies and a salad. Place your orders by November 23rd.

Not only is Dee’s Place offering two dinner packages for Thanksgiving, they are also giving back to the Anderson Animal Shelter. For every turkey package sold, they are donating $10 to the animal shelter. Be sure to place your order by November 23rd.

If you’re looking for a classic Thanksgiving meal and if you want to purchase a wine to go with that meal, then be sure to check out their Thanksgiving take out menu. Instructions on how to reheat your meal at home are included. Be sure to place your order soon, as pick up is set for Wednesday, November 25th.

Thanksgiving dinner can be ordered from all of Francesca's locations. Call or order online by November 24 to grab a dinner that includes turkey, potatoes, green beans, stuffing, cranberries and gravy. Want more? Add-on options, like salad or pies, are also available.

Offering four different options for your Thanksgiving dinner needs, Reuland’s packaged or individual meals can be picked up ready to serve on Thanksgiving Day. Add-ons, such as salads and sides are also available for pre-order. Place orders by November 24.

Let the culinary experts who handle the major events at Cantigny take care of this holiday meal! With several different pick-up options (either before Thanksgiving to be warmed up at your home, or on Thanksgiving Day warmed and ready to serve), this holiday meal will be a breeze!

Thanksgiving Treats

Although people all over the Fox Valley love my sweet treats with From Scratch Baking, I want you to have some of my all-time favorite recipes for Thanksgiving! If you decide to go the homemade-dessert route, then try this Classic Pumpkin Pie for Thanksgiving. It’s simple to make and tastes so good!

If you’re looking for a “grab and go” dessert, give these Yummy Apple Pie Bars a try. They make a perfect after dinner treat.

Whatever you opt to do, eat well and indulge in dessert! And, no matter what your Thanksgiving looks like, may it be filled with laughter, joy and thankfulness.

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