• Amanda Gargano

"Wildflower" by Drew Barrymore

When I think of Drew Barrymore I instantly think of three things.

  1. 'E.T.', which then resulted in my second thought...

  2. Her lack of a childhood and crazy teenage years, and then lastly...

  3. 'Never Been Kissed'.

The two movies mentioned are classics to me and I’ve always enjoyed her as an actress. So, when a friend asked me if I’d read her book, I was surprised I hadn’t. I added it to my Overdrive loans and within days it was available for me to read on my Kindle.

You get 21 days to borrow a book on Overdrive and it took me all of those 21 days for me to finish reading it. When she starts off in the Preface by saying it’s a "light read" that you can start then stop, she wasn’t lying.