Valentine's gift guide

EVERY item on this list was carefully selected with YOU, our amazing FOTF Tribe, in mind while also supporting several FOTF Favorite businesses! 


After the flaming diaper of a year we had in 2020, it is so important to SHOP LOCAL.  The shutdowns, mitigations, and restrictions have impacted every local business around us.  Let's do our part to dedicate some Valentine's Day LOVE locally!

Most links below take you directly to that specific product at our local shops' online stores! How easy is that?!

Shop for others. Shop for yourself. #ShopLocal and be #LocalAF!



Scentcerely Yours | Geneva

WHO IT'S PERFECT FOR: Ages 0 - 99... anyone who showers or bathes with regularity...


WHY WE LOVE IT: It's a gift that encourages relaxation (for adults) and fun (for kids). You can even split up all the bath bombs or bars of soap to make smaller gift baskets!


COST: 8 bath bombs + loofah... $26 | 3 bars of soap, two bath bombs, and loofah... $20



From Scratch Baking | Geneva

WHO IT'S PERFECT FOR: Ages 0 - 99... specifically, those that enjoy sweet treats and/or creative outlets.


WHY WE LOVE IT: When given to children, they get to decorate the cookies however the hell they want and adults shouldn't care because they will be delicious nonetheless. When given to adults, it makes for a cute Date Night activity... we won't tell you what to do with the extra frosting... 😉


COST: 2 large, 2 medium, and 2 small heart-shaped cookies along with sprinkles and two frosting bags... $12 per kit

IMG_2195 2.JPG


Sage Healing Collective | STC

WHO IT'S PERFECT FOR: Couples, Individuals, Friends... anyone who needs time to CHILL THE EFF OUT.


WHY WE LOVE IT: You can group this however you want! You get two massages AND a HaloIR Sauna session. Choose to utilize this with your significant other for some R+R together...


...choose to invite a friend and split the cost while you enjoy uninterrupted time together catching up...


...or, choose self-care over everything and use BOTH massages for yourself!


COST: TWO 60-minute massages AND HaloIR Sauna Session... $170 | TWO 90-minute massages AND HaloIR Sauna Session... $250



Nancy's Pizzeria | Geneva

WHO IT'S PERFECT FOR: Come on... ANYONE that loves pizza... duh.


WHY WE LOVE IT: You two heart-shaped options here... you can get the Take-and-Bake Kit to roll out the dough and construct your own pizza in any damn shape you wish (our Biggest Fox aptly chose a heart-shaped pizza)...


...or you can buy a heart-shaped pizza already baked to perfection for pick-up or delivery!


COST: Take-and-Bake Pizza Kit... $12.50 | Heart-Shaped Pizza from Nancy's... depends on size and crust style



Golf Underground | Geneva

WHO IT'S PERFECT FOR: Those that are interested in golf (or interested in seeing how bad - er, we mean GOOD - your skills are)...


WHY WE LOVE IT: For starters, it's INDOORS and you're not freezing your tuches off. Next, if you golf on any level, the Trackman simulators track all sorts of data on EACH swing. Club speed... ball speed... distance... and a ton more...


...we like that you can be competitive with one another on this date. Those that aren't as strong of golfers should get a handicap to make the playing field even.


COST: $20 for 30 minutes | $40 for an hour | $80 for 9-holes | $120 - $160 for 18 holes



Evolet Eve Wine Shop | Warrenville

WHO IT'S PERFECT FOR: Anyone who loves great food (catered from Enticing Cuisine, a Batavia-based business) and wonderful wine! Couples... friends... individuals...


WHY WE LOVE IT: This five-course meal is carefully paired with a different wine at each course (and you can your favorite bottles before you leave). This will be a CULINARY EXPERIENCE... something TOTALLY DIFFERENT..., you're supporting TWO local businesses, Evolet Eve Wine Shop and Enticing Cuisine!


COST: $85 for individuals | $170 for couples


RESERVE YOUR SPOT... call Evolet Eve Wine Shop at (630) 791-8154



Pinot's Palette | St. Charles

WHO IT'S PERFECT FOR: Couples or besties!


WHY WE LOVE IT: A diptych painting involves working together to ensure your colors blend well, lines are carried from one canvas to another, etc.


Not only are you being creative by painting, but diptych paintings up the ante and foster collaboration and communication... which you may continue to utilize later...


COST: $35 per participant (or $70 per couple) [occurring Saturday, February 13 at 7p]



Vintage 53 | St. Charles

WHO IT'S PERFECT FOR: If you love wine, meat, cheese, and/or chocolate in any order... then yes... this is for you.


WHY WE LOVE IT: You can customize your board! Cheese-lover? Meat-lover? Nondiscriminatory Charcuterie-lover? Choose what floats your boat! And you get to pick the style of wine too!


BONUS... you even get a long stem rose too!


COST: $99

Pile of Pumpkins

We do the legwork so you can spend less time SEARCHING and more time DOING.

A LOCAL'S GUIDE to St. Charles, Geneva, and Batavia, Illinois

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